International Judo Federation, Chilldren Commission
Building a Better Society

The IJF is proud to have recently appointed the Judo for Children commission. The Judo for Children commission’s main aim is to offer a structural and worldwide judo program for children during and after school hours. We would like to accomplish this aim together with the national federations. Therefore we would like to know who is responsible for judo for children in your federation.

The IJF has set itself the target of making judo accessible and available to every child in the world between the ages of 6 – 12. At the moment we are listing the programmes which are already in place and are busy setting up new programmes in cooperation with various countries.

The power of our beautiful sport takes pride of place! Together we want to bring across the social and educational values of judo to young people in order to make our society a better one. We request all federations to support this mission of the IJf and form one powerful front.

In order to be able to work effectively and efficiently we request each federation to send us the name of the person in your federation who is nationwide responsible for the Judo For Children Programme. We need the person’s name, telephone number and e-mail address. You can send this information by email to