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Judo for Peace Commission News


Judo for Peace Commission

During the Judo for IJF Peace Event in Jaipur India, the common value based fundament of judo and Mahatma Gandhi were very well illustrated.

The event was very extensive and consists of seminar, tournament and a training camp. In addition to the JFP event, held the IJF Head refereeing director Juan Carlos Barcos a referee seminar.

The tournament was honored by the presents of IJF President Marius L. Vizer and the JUA president Obaid Al-Anzi. The Governor of the state Rajasthan had a reception of IJF and India Judo Federation officials. The JFP event was conducted by the IJF Judo for Peace director Jan Eirik Schiotz. Totally eight nation participated in the event, mainly from Asia. Two European countries participated, Hungary and Norway.

The Indian Judo Federation had done great efforts to run a marvelous arrangement. At the opening ceremony Mahatma Gandhi life and philosophy was presented by the federation’s vice president Mr. Gupta. This presentation was followed up by Schiotz who presented the main objectives for judo training stated by Kano.

The common fundament for Gandhi and Kano philosophy where very well illustrated. The main topic at the seminar was Human Rights.  An extensive school program had also been carried out and pupil from the D. A. V. Public School participated with cultural programs at the opening and closing ceremony for the tournament.  A special wonderful cultural program was also presented on the fourth day of the event on the schools premises.

Judo for Peace Commission

Program and project are the main Judo for Peace activities. To get attention and promote the idea of the JFP program, events are arranged. The main IJF Judo for Peace is listed below.

Rajiv Gandhi-International Judo Championships
20th to 24th of February, 2010.   JAIPUR, India

Including Judo for Peace instructor course and non violence activities in local schoolsInvitation and program follows as attachment to mail sent in week 2.
This is the main IJF Judo for Peace event including senior tournament in 2010

Contact information:
Judo Federation of India869, East Park Road, Karol Bagh,New Delhi – 110005Telephone: + 91 112355 9311Email :
Nelson Mandela Bay launching event for Anti Violence program
To be postpond.

Target groups cadets (sports activities) and executives from federations
1.      Cultural day, targeting groups: all participants and leaders
2.      Educational day,

a.       seminar in human rights and peaceful conflict resolution; targeting group: coach and teachers
b.      Educational activities involving the cadets. Statement from Jigoro Kano shall be illustrated through judo activities

3.      Individual competition, cadets
4.      Team competition for mixed teamFinal program will be mailed all federations.
Contact information:
Cell:   + 27 82 339 9147Tel:    + 27 57 352 3600E-mail:

Sub Sahara Africa Summit
October/November, Bujumbura, Burundi
Following up activities in the region after the First Judo for Peace instructor Course.
Program will be mailed all federation later.
Contact information:
IJF Judo for Peace Commission directorJan Eirik SchiotzPhone: +47 99 79 83 02

International Judo Federation News


International Judo Federation
2nd Otp Bank Grand Masters & Kata World Championship – Budapest

2nd Otp Bank World Kata Championship 2010 (pdf)
2nd Otp Bank Grand Masters World Championship (pdf)
2nd Otp Bank Grand Masters World Championship- Forms (pdf)

A level 1 Coaches Course held in Burkina Faso
Education & Coaching Commission

The Judo Federation of Burkina Faso invited 37 coaches from its different affiliated clubs to take part to an Olympic Solidarity Course organised in the City of Ouagadougou from 26th February to 6th March 2010.

The coaching course was conducted by Mohamed Bouheddou, an IJF expert from Algeria. The expert was quite amazed by the great enthousiasm and motivation of the participants.

Many areas of concern in regards of theoretical and practical aspects of Judo were handled. The new IJF referee rules were also part of the teaching programme.

The organizers, supported by their NOC, provided all requested assistance and conditions to meet the requirements and standards of a successful coaching session.

The Federation wrote to IJF emphasize their deep satisfaction with the expertise put forth during this coaching programme and expressed their wishing expectations to host a second training activity in order to develop and improve their knowledge and skills.

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IJF president officially launches WC Sao Paulo

Panamerican Judo Confederation

The IJF President, Mr. Marius Vizer, just came back from Sao Paulo, the biggest and healthiest Brazilian city, where he officially launched the World Cup 2010.

The ceremony took place at the Major´s auditorium, in the presence of the Major Gilberto Kassab, the President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Mr. Carlos Arthur Nuzman, the President of the Brazilian Judo Federation, Mr. Paulo Wanderley Teixeira, and other authorities.

Sao Paulo is the «birthplace» of Brazilian Judo, where not less than 13 of the country´s 15 Olympic medals came from.The city will host for the first time an IJF official event. The Sao Paulo World Cup is to take place in the last week-end of May (29-30), one week after the Rio de Janeiro Grand Slam. The cities are 45 minutes away by plane.

«I would like to congratulate the Brazilian Judo for all it has been doing. The World Cup in Sao Paulo is one of the most prestigious events in the international calendar and, who knows, we might have the pleasure to come back to the city to see the World Championships here in 2013», said Mr. Vizer, who presented Major Kassab and the Olympic Committee President with the IJF gold plate to thank their support to the judo sport.

Mr. Kassab also received an official judogi from the hand of Henrique Guimaraes, 1996 bronze medalist.

«I want that wearing this judogi simbolyzes our partnership with judo for a long time», said the Sao Paulo Major.

The President of the Brazilian Judo Federation said that bringing the World Cup to Sao Paulo for the first time  (after Belo Horizonte in 2009) is a way of «pay the debt» with the city.

«Brazilian Judo owes a lot to Sao Paulo, a city that contributed a lot with our sport. I hope this is the first of many other high class events to come», said Mr. Teixeira.

For Mr. Nuzman, President of the BOC, the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games have a lot to win with the judo events in Sao Paulo.

“For our hopes to have great games in Rio 2016, host events like the World Cup and may be the World Championships in 2013 is great”, commented Mr. Nuzman.

Before the official ceremony, Mr. Vizer had lunch with 10 out of 12 Brazilian Olympic Medalists, who together won 13 medals for the country: Chiaki Ishii (bronze 1972), Luiz Onmura (bronze 1984), Douglas Vieira (silver 1984), Aurélio Miguel (gold 1988 and bronze 1996), Rogério Sampaio (gold 1992), Henrique Guimarães (bronze 1996), Carlos Honorato (silver 2000), Tiago Camilo (silver 2000 and bronze 2008), Leandro Guilheiro (bronze 2004 and 2008) e Ketleyn Quadros (bronze 2008).

On Saturday (6), Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos, IJF Head Sports Director, presented a workshop in Sao Paulo for around 300 refeeres. Mr. Barcos started his speech by saying why IJF has decided to change some of the rules.

«Our sport was getting away from its principles. What we want is a clean judo», Mr. Barcos said, adding that Brazil and Japan are examples to be followed. «This two nations are not only technically strong but they observe all the aspects of our sport: step in the tatami, the bow, the respect to the rules and referees, the approach to victory and defeat», he adds.

The Brazilian referee Edison Minakawa, considered by IJF one of the best in the world, also attended the seminar.

«It is important for the level of Brazilian Judo to have Mr. Barcos in person updating us with the newest information about our sport. Brazil has only to grow», commented Minakawa.

Manoela Penna, IJF


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